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The Lin Yao Ji Music Foundation of China (LYJ Music Foundation) was established in 2010 in memory of Professor Lin Yao Ji, whose moral and artistic virtues, unassuming life style, and unique teaching principles nurtured and influenced some of today’s finest violinists and musicians, as well as fuelled the ascent of contemporary Chinese artists onto the global stage. 

Lin Yao Ji was more than just a violin professor. He was a philosopher and a visionary who imparted lessons in life to his students. His teachings were not only narrowly focused on perfecting technique, but also about instilling an understanding and appreciation for music and the role it plays in life.

In remembrance of Lin Yao Ji’s life-long work, the LYJ Music Foundation aspires to continue and broaden his legacy, which is a meaningful and fitting way to commemorate an accomplished teaching career that spanned over 40 years at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. We are committed to identifying and nurturing young, emerging music talents in Hong Kong and Mainland China and to offering the best opportunities possible for the full realization of their potentials.

Furthermore, the LYJ Music Foundation believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to learn about classical music, whether it be giving a young clarinettist the opportunity to fulfil his dream, or providing a budding composer with a platform to share his creation, or even just sharing the joys and wonders of Bach, Mozart, Rachmaninov with someone who does not play a musical instrument. In this respect, our work is not just about nurturing a crop of world-class musicians. We also seek to broaden the reach and influence of classical music by promoting chamber music to the general public and in schools, and to encourage life-long music-making amongst amateur musicians. 

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- 16/05/2017 (Tue)
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- 11/07/2016 (Mon)
Announcement of Winners of 2016 New World Scholarship for Summer Studies in Music
- 11/07/2016 (Mon)
"Lin Yao Ji Violin Teaching Essence" Books On Sale Now
- 21/06/2016 (Tue)
Results of the 3rd Lin Yao Ji International Competition for Violin Compositions
- 29/02/2016 (Mon)

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