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Foundation establishes Scholarship Program
04/06/2014 (Wed)

To extol and commemorate Professor Lin Yao Ji’s legacy and lifelong work, the Lin Yao Ji Music Foundation of China will launch the Lin Yao Ji Scholarship Program this June, through which it aims to award generous scholarships to talented and deserving young musicians in China (including Hong Kong and Macau).

The objective is to promote excellence in classical music performance and composition by financially supporting students with potential to attain exceptional achievement in the music and arts profession, and who have gained acceptance to eligible learning programs at music conservatories and world-class festivals, summer schools – both overseas and in Mainland China.

The Scholarship also aims to encourage young musicians to give back to their home communities through taking on an ambassadorial role to promote cultural exchange between our Chinese students and their foreign peers, and to bring back and share their education and experiences and to promote the classical arts upon completion of their studies abroad. In doing so, we hope to nurture a new generation of home-grown and community-conscious Chinese talents in classical music. 

Each Scholarship will go towards defraying tuition and accommodation costs, taking into consideration applicants’ individual financial circumstances. The Foundation will make available a limited number of scholarships annually, beginning in 2014.  

Through the Foundation’s extensive network in the Mainland, we will be establishing long-term partnerships with top tier conservatories in the Mainland. These include the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing (where Professor Lin taught during his lifetime), the Wuhan Conservatory of Music (where a Lin Yao Ji Method Training Center was established), the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the Tianjin Conservatory of Music, the Xi'an Conservatory of Music, and the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou.

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