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The 1st Lin Yao Ji International Competition for Composition 01/07/2012 (Sun)

The Lin Yao Ji Music Foundation of China (the Foundation) is proud to launch its first international competition for music composition. The objective of the Competition is to encourage the creation of new compositions featuring the violin and ensembles with violin, and to advance young composers showing outstanding musicality and innovation.

The Competition is open to composers of all nationalities aged 40 or under on 31 October 2012. The winning compositions of the respective Categories will be recommended for presentation at public concerts by renowned violin virtuoso Li Chuan Yun and/or in major chamber music events to be staged in Beijing and Hong Kong in 2013.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:   31 October 2012

ATTENTION : The submission deadline has passed and the adjudication process has commenced. Winners of each Category will be announced on 1 December 2012. 


Each entrant may submit ONE work for one or more of the following three Categories:

Category A.   Solo Violin (the Ma Si Cong Centenary Prize馬思聰百年紀念獎)

This should be a work written for the solo violin, to be performed without accompaniment.

Category B.    Duo for violin and ONE other instrument

This should be a piece written principally for the violin with accompaniment, or a work in which both the violin and the additional instrument (which can also be a violin) share equal weight in the music.

Category C.   Ensemble - violin and TWO to FOUR additional instruments

This should be a work written for a chamber ensemble of between 3 to 5 instruments including the violin. Instruments in addition to one violin featured in the composition may be any Chinese or Western instrument, including but not limited to violin, voice, digital keyboard and fixed media.


Prizes will be awarded to the winning entry of each Category:

Category A:               US$1,000

Category B:               US$1,500

Category C:               US$2,000 

Merit Awards: Cash prizes of up to US$500 each will be awarded to entries deserving special merit, as may be decided by the Adjudication Panel.

Winners of the Competition will be announced on the Foundation’s website and Facebook page on 1 December 2012. The Foundation will also notify each winner by email individually.


All materials must be submitted electronically and sent to

The following materials must be submitted by 11:59pm Hong Kong Time on 31 October 2012:

  • a duly completed Entry Form for each category (if more than category is entered) in PDF or Microsoft Word format
  • a clearly legible score in PDF format
  • a scanned copy of valid passport or photo ID
  • evidence of payment of an Entry Fee of HK$150 (US$20) for each category

The composer’s name or any identifying markings must not appear anywhere on the score or on the 2nd page of the Entry Form titled “The Composition”. Contravention of this rule may lead to disqualification.


The Competition is open to composers of all nationalities aged 40 or under on 31 October 2012.

  • Participants may enter more than one category but may only submit one composition in each category. If more than one entry is submitted for each category by that composer, he/she will be disqualified.
  • An entry fee of HK$150 (US$20) will be charged for each entry in a category, i.e. participants will need to pay HK$300 (US$40) if they intend to participate in both Categories A and B.
  • Each composition must not exceed 12 minutes in length. Only completed works will be considered.
  • The submission must be written solely by the composer who is submitting the piece. No changes may be made once a piece is submitted.
  • The submitted composition must not have been the subject of any award, commercially published or publicly performed, in part or whole, or in any other version prior to the announcement of the results of this competition.
  • Submissions must be delivered through the designated channel as outlined in the above section on Submission Requirements. Any other forms or methods of submission will not be recognized.
  • If the winning entry or the composer of said entry is found to have contravened any of the Rules after an announcement is made by the Foundation, the Foundation will publicly revoke the prize and announce a new winner. 



Professor CHEN Yi (Panel Chair),  Composer, University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance, USA

Professor Steven STUCKY, Composer, Cornell University, USA

Professor Victor CHAN, Composer, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China


Ms. LIN Wei Violinist, Chairman of the Lin Yao Ji Music Foundation of China

Professor Cho-Liang LIN, Violinist, Rice University, USA, and Artistic Director of Hong Kong International Chamber Music Festival

Professor YE Xiaogang, Composer, Vice President of the Central Conservatory of Music, and Director of the Beijing Modern Music Festival

Professor ZHAO Jiping, Composer, President of the Xi’an Conservatory of Music, Chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association, and Deputy to the Chinese National People’s Congress

Dr. XU Changjun, Composer, President of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music, and Artistic Director of the Tianjin May Festival

Mr. Lan SHUI, Conductor, Music Director of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and Chief Conductor of the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra

Professor HU Kun, Violinist and conductor, Royal Academy of Music, London, UK

Mr. LI Chuan Yun, Violinist

Mr. CHEN Xi, Violinist



CAPUT, new music ensemble 

Participants of the Competition agree that:

  • the copyright subsisting in all works remains with the composers. By making a submission, however, participants of the Competition grant to the Foundation the right to post the title of the piece and the participant’s name online or on other materials produced by the Foundation; to perform and promote the work; and to record, release, promote, and distribute any form of recording of the piece.
  • the Foundation cannot be held accountable for violations of copyright that may occur.
  • all reasonable efforts will be made by the Foundation to safeguard any personal information provided in their applications. However, should the information be compromised, the Foundation will not be held responsible.
  • by submitting a composition, they have agreed to grant exclusive performing and recording rights to the Foundation until 31 December 2013, in the event that their composition is selected as a prize winner in this Competition, and that the piece will not be published until that time. (“Prize winner” is defined to also include submissions that receive Merit Awards.)
  • the decision on winning pieces made by the Adjudication Panel of the Competition cannot be appealed.
  • the Adjudication Panel reserves the right to divide the prize money or to decline giving an award as appropriate, and no appeal may be made to the Panel’s decision.
  • by agreeing to take part in the contest, they undertake to accept and not contest decisions made by the Adjudication Panel.
  • while the Foundation will use its best endeavors to procure the stated performance opportunities for the winning compositions, the availability of such opportunity is subject to programming of the relevant concert and the availability of suitable artists to perform the composed parts.
  • where appropriate, the Foundation may request the winning composer to make suitable modifications as may be acceptable to the composer in order to make performance of the work possible. The Foundation will also strive on a good faith basis to work with the composer on the proposed adjustments.


Please contact if you have further questions about the Competition.

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